Environmental statement

As sustainability is very important to our company Lexi&Bö, the GOTS certification was one of our major goals. We exclusively use 100 % bio cotton and have been able to make our products as durable as possible. Thus we want to counteract fast fashion trends.

To keep production chains as short and CO2 emission as low as possible, we decided to have our shirts produced in Portugal. Furthermore, we exclusively use recycled paper and cardboard for our packaging - that is to say we completely go without plastic. Only the shirts we receive from our supplier in Portugal arrive in polybags but we were able to persuade him to deliver 25 - 30 shirts in one polybag and not use one polybag per shirt as usual. Instead of printing our invoices and insert them in the parcels we only send them via PDF in a separate e-mail from now on. In that way we will save a lot of paper.

Our products are delivered by DHL Go Green and thus are CO2 neutral. As we are still a small company it was furthermore possible to integrate our office in our apartment. In that way we avoid long access routes as well as unnecessary fuel consumption. The electric devices in our stock and any other room are exclusively powered by green energy. The provider of our homepage is eco-powered as well and therefore 100 % CO2 neutral. Additionally, energy-saving bulbs show our Green Thought. In order to give something back to our environment, we have been supporting marine protection projects since the establishment of our company and we want to continue in future.

Another goal is to find a new producer for our hangtags. Although our hangtags are FSC certified and we received them in Germany, we did not know that they are produced in Hongkong. This long access route is not compatible with our aim to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible. Therefore we are going to work with a new supplier soon. For the same reason we opt for CO2 neutral airlines for business and leisure trips.