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Get some holiday feeling for your home or just make a buddy happy!

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Big and round fridge magnet with hammerhead shark print Hammerhead
€4.90 *
200 Bar Kühlschrankmagnet 200 Bar
From €4.90 *
Gift certificate Gift certificate
50 €
From €15.00 *
Whale Fin Fridge Magnet Whale Fin Fridge
You love whales?
€3.90 *
Palms and Sunset Fridge Magnet Palms and Sunset
We love sunsets!
€3.90 *
Cave Diving Fridge Magnet Cave Diving Fridge
Dive Deep!
€3.90 *
Vintage Helmet Jellyfish Fridge Magnet by Lexi&Bö Vintage Helmet
out of this world!
€3.90 *
Cave Diving Fridge Magnet by Lexi&Bö Oceanlover Crab
For our #oceanlover
Content 1 Stück
€3.90 *
Diver on the rocks Fridge Magnet Diver on the rocks
It's cocktail-time!
€3.90 *
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