Accessories are the small, beautiful things that you put in your shopping basket even though they weren't on your shopping list. Fridge magnets with our popular motifs are one such category. Small money, big joy. Wrap up a few fridge magnets for your buddies and score big points on your next visit.  The ideal gift for Scuba Divers is a voucher. Free choice, fixed limit, always #scubadivestyle. Brand new in our programme are our shopping bags. Proven and new motifs on sturdy bags that accompany you everywhere. To the beach, to the kiosk, to the city or to the supermarket. 100% organic cotton, extra long handles and eco-friendly printed diving motifs.

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50 € mit Karte und Kuvert
From €50.00 *
Cute but psycho Shopping Bag Cute but psycho
Sustainable shopper
€17.90 *
Cave Diving Fridge Magnet by Lexi&Bö Oceanlover Crab
For our #oceanlover
Content 1 Stück
€3.90 *
Cave Diving Fridge Magnet Cave Diving Fridge
Dive Deep!
€3.90 *
Palms and Sunset Fridge Magnet Palms and Sunset
We love sunsets!
€3.90 *
Diver on the rocks Fridge Magnet Diver on the rocks
It's cocktail-time!
€3.90 *
Vintage Helmet Jellyfish Fridge Magnet by Lexi&Bö Vintage Helmet
out of this world!
€3.90 *
Big and round fridge magnet with hammerhead shark print Hammerhead
€4.90 *
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