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By an improvement we dispatch from now on all packages free of forwarding costs.
Stefan Böhland
03/12/2015 01:15

In the past couple of days, Lexi and I have been thinking about how to improve your shopping experience at Lexi&Bö. Our brainstorming has lead to a long list with ideas which we gradually want to put into practice.

Delivery costs are a big topic, not only for you but for us. As we are selling most of the shirts via internet, delivery is part of our concept. Though delivery is certainly important, delivery costs are rather unpopular – for you as well as for us. For this reason, it was this field that we first decided to improve.

Until now, we have delivered all Lexi&Bö packages with DHL climate neutral GoGreen service. But as we are a young start-up DHL refuse to offer us special conditions. At the moment, delivery costs are calculated by weight per kilogram. However, most of the parcels just contain a single shirt. Such a package with one single shirt only weighs 187 gram – much too light for a parcel. That's where we got started.

The goal is to prospectively deliver smaller orders via first mail. So we looked for sustainable and suitable packaging. Of course, the new packages will still be brightened up personally, the shirt will be wrapped up lovingly and finally it will be taken to the post office. The only difference will be a stamp worth 1,45 € instead of a packaging label for 4,60 €.

Kostenloser Versand bei Lexi&Bö
The new packages will still be embellished by hand

This improvement gives us the possibility of delivering all parcels for free from now on. Nevertheless, we ask you to pay for the costs of any returns.

What do you think of our idea? Do you also have any ideas on how we could improve Lexi&Bö for you? Just leave a comment or send us an e-mail. We are looking foward to a positive feedback :)

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Stefan Böhland
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