Scubatech Diving Centre, Malta, was established in 1990 to provide quality dive services with a strong emphasis on safety, education and, of course, enjoyment. From the very beginning we decided on a policy of diving in small groups so as to be able to provide individual attention to our divers – no “cattle diving” for us, we want to enjoy our diving too.



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A qualified team and a top-class ship are welcoming you to diving and safari trips at the Red Sea. The individual diving and safari fun for big and small divers. We would also be glad to help you with diving trips to other destinations.
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Take a deep breath! You’ll find all you need in Sonsbeck NRW or in our online shop.

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Come diving with us in nature park „Cap de Creus“. Precipices, terrific under water scenery with lush vegetation and enormous abundance of fish are making the dive unforgettable. Our ship has got a sun deck, toilets and all modern security devices at its disposal.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Since 2003 we have been glad to welcome our customers in our diving shop in Chur. Dives in the lake are part of our daily practice. We offer PADI courses for beginners and experts. Our events comprise ice diving, apnoe and diving trips to terrific diving spots.

SCUBALINO. Your partner with long breath!