Men's Dive T-Shirts the Lexi&Bö Scuba Diver Collection

Discover the original and fun Lexi & Bö t-shirts and hoodies for divers. All shirts are produced fairly from organic cotton in Portugal

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Just dive it. Just dive it.
Summer can come!
€29.90 *
Cave Diving Lines men's t-shirt Cave Diving Lines
Insider tip for cave divers!
€29.90 *
DIVE flag men's t-shirt DIVE flag men's
Michigan diving flag
€29.90 *
Whale diving men's t-shirt Whale diving men's
With large whale & diver print
€29.90 *
Find your path men's hoodie Find your path men's
Find your way
€69.90 *
200 Bar T-shirt men 200 Bar T-shirt men
Must have for scuba diver
€29.90 *
Vintage Diver Men's T-Shirt Vintage Diver Men's
casual and elegant
€29.90 *
Streetwear mens v-neck t-shirt Streetwear mens
simple and chic
€34.90 *
Cave Diving T-shirt men Cave Diving T-shirt
With large photo design
€29.90 *
Scuba Periodic Table Men T-Shirt Scuba Periodic Table
The right chemistry
€29.90 *
15 %
Freediving T-shirt men Freediving T-shirt
For all apnea fans
€29.90 * €24.90 *
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