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Why we support Yaqu Pacha

Yaqu Pacha supports researchers in Brazil to explore the habitat of the bottlenose dolphins. The goal is the development of protective measures. Some of the results from studies conducted by Yaqu Pacha have lead to a new fishing law, which the Brazilian government enacted in 2012.
05/07/2015 08:00

Why Yaqu Pacha?

Lexi&Bö is a lifestyle brand that cares a great deal about sustainability. That’s why we are very proud of our collaboration with Yaqu Pacha. We met Lorenzo von Fersen, the NPO’s founder, personally at the Boot 2015 trade show. He eagerly told us about all the outstanding work Yaqu Pacha is doing. In addition, we have the impression that money donated to Yaqu Pacha will arrive exactly where the organization promised it. We hope the donation will help the bottlenose dolphins to a more comfortable existence

What’s Yaqu Pacha actually doing?

Since 2005, Yaqu Pacha supports scientists who protect a local common bottlenose dolphin population in Brazil. The number of stranded dolphins has increased rapidly over the years. Most of the stranded animals have also had visible wounds, which they got from the fishing nets. The first goal of the project is to document the number of killed animals and the cause of their demise over the years. To reach that goal, the coastal area will be patrolled, in order to find stranded animals. Another important aspect of the research lies in discovering important biological parameters, such as life expectancy, size of the population, distribution and use of habitat. Only by understanding the animal’s behaviour, we are able to protect them.

Some of the results from studies conducted by Yaqu Pacha have lead to a new fishing law, which the Brazilian government enacted in 2012. This law governs inshore fishery. It is very likely that animals like the common bottlenose dolphin will profit from the new law. This project has role model character. The conservation strategies implemented as a result of said project could be implemented around the world

How does Lexi&Bö support Yaqu Pacha?

During our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, we sold about 200 shirts. Since we promised to donate 2 Euros for every shirt sold, we will give 400 Euros to Yaqu Pacha. We donated said amount in July of 2015.

In addition, we’re planning to launch a shirt exclusively for Yaqu Pacha. The entire revenue of that shirt shall be donated to Yaqu Pacha. We will definitely keep you in the loop regarding our future collaboration with Yaqu Pacha and how our donation will be allocated.

If you also know a maritime project that’s worthwhile of financial support, please let us know. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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