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Our review of the year 2015

2015 was a fantastic year for us. With your help we were able to reach some milestones. In our review 2015 we have put together our most important stages once again.
08/01/2016 10:00

2015 was a fantastic year for us.
It all started with a small stand at Boot Dusseldorf. That's where we first presented our idea in public. Your positive feedback has encouraged us in our idea that divers finally need cool and fashionable shirts.
So we got the ball rolling and started a crowdfounding campaign. With your help we actually reached our goal to receive 20,000 €. Enough money to go ahead.
If you want to see what we've realized with all the money: Have a look at the review 2015.
And in 2016, we will still be with you. New designs are in production and our range will be expanded with new products.
Many thanks for your support! Without your help, we wouldn't have got so far! Please go on with your amazing feedback regarding improvement and products. It's the only way to constantly improve.

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